We create
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We don’t have a large upfront fee, instead we offer competitive monthly payments.

What you’ll get is a beautiful, clean, professionally designed website to get you online quickly – so you can start turning potential customers into sales!

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The goal at Navigator is to make high-end, professionally designed websites affordable for all businesses, regardless of their size. Paid monthly websites created by expert web designers... and better still, minimal setup fees!

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Get Online Quickly

Our typical turn around period is 3 to 4 weeks. This of course depends on you getting the copy and content to us in advance and giving sign off approval in a timely manner.

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Easy Monthly Payments

We take 1 month deposit to start the project, from there it is easy monthly payments. 11 months minimum, then every 3.5 years you will get a free upgrade.

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Edit Your Own Website

Once we have your website live, we will provide an login, password and training videos so you can keep the website fresh and up to date yourself easily. We can make edits for you if you prefer.

Plans + Pricing

Each plan is 12 months, you can leave anytime after that. If you are still will us after 36 months, as a bonus we will re-design and rethink your website over using the latest technologies at that time.


Online Starter Package

one long page website
12 month signup
includes hosting



Small Business Package

up to 10 page website
12 month signup
includes hosting



Custom Package

up to 5 page website
+ online shop
12 months signup
includes hosting


How it Works


Choose your plan, get in touch, then tell us about your project and ideas. Our experts want to get to know how your business ticks. What your business is doing for your customers. Then we’ll figure out the best way to tell them about it.

We’ll provide you with a dropbox folder to put in your files; your images, your copy, logo, fonts and colours or brand guideline if you have one. No logo? No problem try these guys. Don’t worry we will send you a list of very clear instructions on what we need from you to get started. Then once we have received all your info we will chat with you to make sure we have incorporated your ideas and our ideas to make sure we are on the same page before cracking into the design. Once agreed upon, we get started right away, we’ll create a design and work with you at every step to create a website that’s perfect for you and enticing for your customers.

This is where you’ll just sit back & let us do our thing. This stage usually takes 1 week...

We will check all the links are working, things are functioning and previewing as they should on all devices. We will get you to check absolutely everything with a fine-toothed comb and we will fix any issues. Once we have your approval, we will make your website live.

Pour the champagne - whoop whoop! We are now launched and live! Navigator will continue to fix any bugs or issues for free within 30 days of launch.

As you will be on one of our website care plans, we will help maintain your software, plugins and reporting to make sure your site remains functioning as intended. You will receive 30 mins per month of small edits to your website such as copy edits or image updates, this does not roll over month to month. We like you to keep your website up to date as it is better for SEO (search engine optimisation).

Website Examples

Here are a few of our websites we have designed and built.
We have plenty more, if you are after a specific industry example, please ask.

Professional Services


Health & Fitness
Industry Sector
Professional Services
Professional Services

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We have been in the industry for 10+ years working for various agencies and for ourselves. The goal at Navigator was to make high-end, professionally designed custom websites affordable for all businesses, regardless of size and budget. Paid monthly, to avoid the high upfront cost that puts off small businesses and startups.

How long does the agreement last?

12 months. If you wish to stay with us after that, at 36 months you have a choice to rebuild fully, keeping your site fresh and relevant.

How long will my website take to create?

Our average build time is 5 business days. This can however vary depending on how complex your project is and how many pages you require. The typical time in full is 4 weeks, but this depends how long it takes you to get all your content, logo & images to us before we make a start on the design. If you have a specific deadline, let us know!

Can I pay you upfront instead of monthly?

We understand that you may want to avoid the hassle of paying monthly, that’s why we’ll set up a credit card subscription for you so you never have to worry about remembering to pay.
The advantages of paying monthly or annually to your cashflow, far outweigh any perceived hassle of paying one large big amount. As sensible businesses owners the accounting advantages of paying monthly means that you free up capital for other projects and taxation advantages.

Do you include email?

Yes, we will provide instructions for the setting up of google mail, both the free and paid options but we don’t provide support for your email as that is a specialised field and we prefer to focus on websites and online marketing which is what we are good at.
We recommend gmail or zoho.

How well does a site with Navigator Website rank in Google?

Google loves well-built sites with appropriate SEO completed. A well-built site has appropriate meta-titles, descriptions, content headings, sub headings. It has content that matches your potential prospects search words and phrases. Navigator Websites does all this, however we cannot guarantee that you rank in your desired search terms. If we could, we would have outsmarted Google’s algorithms and be super rich by now!
Navigator Websites makes sure that your on page SEO is completed at the initial build. We focus on making sure you have meta-title’s, meta-descriptions and the appropriate paragraph structure on every page [H1, H2 & H3 headings].
We’re also really happy to work with your SEO specialist adding content and adjusting the titles and descriptions as they request, alternatively we also submit your website to google and bing.

Who owns my website?

With a Navigator Website you have the benefit of a licensed model. In other words all the IP [words, logos and imagery you have supplied] is yours, the platform that it sits on is ours. This means you never have to worry about all that technical stuff.
Also, it’s worth knowing that in the digital world it is an illusion that you actually own the website [even if you have paid in full the developer for their task of building your site]. As all modern websites are built on a CMS platform or some form [unless you have or commissioned someone to create the code from the ground up]. Plus you should never want to own anything because they quickly become obsolete. All websites become vulnerable to viruses and if they’re not managed they ‘break’, with images suddenly disappearing, links going to broken pages and other failures.

What does a website really do for your business?

A website is the Internet version of a shop front. It gives your business credibility. When the Internet was young, all that was required was any kind of website and you’d be guaranteed traffic. Today the Internet has billions of web pages competing for attention.
It is important to understand that visitors to your site will probably have been directed there through marketing activities, rather than from a Google Search. To a large extent, your website has replaced the printed Yellow Pages advertisement. Most of your visitors have already identified a need for what your business specialises in, but now they’re looking for reasons to pick you. A site will augment other lead generating activity rather than solve all of your sales challenges. Once you have a website launched with Navigator Websites, we will provide tips on how to market your website for free.

How do I update my website?

There are 3 options for updating the website;
1. You will be trained by us to use the online and intuitive CMS. We provide video tutorials that you have access to once you are logged into your website. Then you can do the updates and modifications yourself.
2. We’ll do it: With our top tier website package, we include a minimum of 30 mins per month which can be used for edits such as copy changes, images edits and minor sorts of things to keep your website content fresh.
3. Full rebuild: At the 36 month anniversary you are given the option to fully rebuild the website. We work with you to review your goals as they may have changed over the 3 years. We will completely rebuild the site from the ground up to keep up with changing technology.

How many changes can I make to the initial design?

We do work closely with you to ensure that your website is designed just the way you want it. You’ll be given the opportunity to review your site throughout the process to be sure that we’re heading in the right direction and we are both on the same page. We are always happy to adjust headings, content and images to make the site even better!
We both want a great website so we’ll do our best to make as many changes and additions as we possibly can within our budgeted time and resources. Like you, we have limitations and we’d let you know if we can accommodate any major changes, and if they require addition time and money spent. We always aim to make you happy.

Do you include an SSL certificate?

Yes, all of our sites come with a SSL certificate included.

What about security & backups?

Your site is secure and backed up daily. All of your content will be secure and safe. Additional charges may incur for restorations.

Will my website be difficult to edit?

No! Not at all. It’s super easy!
WordPress has not always been the easiest platform to use, until now! On all of our websites, we use the latest front-end, drag-n-drop editor which is super simple to use, and means you don’t have to ever go into the confusing back-end of the website and never will you have to do any coding! You will be editing your website like a pro - right from the start.
If you can click a mouse and drag an item then you can do this. Everything you change happens right before your eyes so there’s no time wasted saving your work and then discovering the image you just loaded doesn’t look right against your text.

Will my website be responsive and work on a mobile phone?

All our websites are fully mobile device optimised, so you won’t have to worry about your visitors having a bad viewing experience from mobile phones and tablets.

When my website is in draft/approval stage, will the public be able to see it?

When your website is being developed we turn it off to Google so that it is invisible to Search Engines. Once you are ready to go live it’s a simple ‘flicking of a switch’ and it will be available for Search Engines to index the pages.

How long am I locked into a contract for?

Minimum time period is 12 months from signup. After that you can leave with a month’s notice. 
If you stay with us for 36 months, we will upgrade and redesign your website for no additional cost.

What happens if my website goes down, is hacked, breaks, etc?

In the unlikely event that your website goes down just contact our support team immediately and we will get it back up and running in asap.

What tasks are included in the dedicated support time?

Content update requests and small design improvements are the most common requests, however anything that can fit into your monthly support time is possible.

What if I need more support time?

If you have a task that requires more than your dedicated monthly time, we will provide you with a quote for you to approve.

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About Navigator

We have been in the industry for 10+ years working for various agencies and for ourselves.

The goal at Navigator was to make high-end, professionally designed custom websites affordable for all businesses, regardless of size and budget. Paid monthly, to avoid the high upfront cost that puts off small businesses and startups.

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